@ Due to our modern production facilities, machinery and tools, we are able to manufacture expansion joints of almost any form and design, independent of the size of the duct. Our quality standards ensure a uniform, high level of quality throughout the production processes.
We use modern computer software and methods (CAE, CAU) for the design, construction and analysis of complex expansion joints and the influences on them. On the basis of our extensive and practical experience, KE-Burgmann/Chugoku Bend have developed our own FEM (Finite Element Methods) models in ANSYS® to analyze both the complete construction of which the expansion joint is a part, and the expansion joint itself. The analysis includes the temperature distribution in steel component and insulation, the gradient of both pressure and stress in steel components, and the heat loss in the complete expansion joint.
On this basis it is possible to calculate the expected service life, to optimize the design and to choose the most suitable steel quality. FEM analyses can be part of the package solution we offer.


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